Investors Area

Client user access pages for fund pages, specific charts, data & content.

Registration and user access to protect private information on certain sections of your website.

Give your investors relations team, prospective and existing clients a dedicated area where they can visualise key elements of their investment.

We provides the tools based on your specific requirements from interactive charts to responsive tables which not only give your client a point of reference but also allows you IR team to keep them informed about company events and news.

Become proactive in communication

Keeping clients informed of daily, monthly and quarterly data through your website is crucial for retaining interest and trust. Use the login and download statistics to gauge how your clients are interacting, what interest them most, we can then take this information an fine tune your investor area to suit your range of clients.

Our standard investors area is divided into module positions so you can place and switch to where the data is being used frequently. We provide cost effective investor areas which can scale and flex to budget.

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Key functionality

  • Multiple standard user levels, including custom user levels for increased specification.

  • Unlimited user fields including required and data gathering information.

  • Quick & Secure Login - Running your website over HTTPS encrypts user login information.

Having the correct tools in place will protect your brand from PR disasters.