Interactive Fund & Asset Data

Professional fact sheet website pages.

Chart data, presentation.

Using fund data via JSON, CSV and API to create line graphs, bar charts, pie charts and front-end responsive tables.

Simple to update, which keeps you in control and your investors updated.


Fund data presented in the correct manner is crucial; present your performance, share price and NAV along with key statistics and valuation, integrated into your online content.

Sensitive charts can be protected by selected user levels and/or displayed through your investors’ area, password protected and secure.

Custom solutions on request.

Bring data to life.

Making your data interactive creates interest and brings an innovative element to your firm’s presentation.

Perception is everything, but functionality is required for good working practices. If your investors have a clear understanding of your performance overview, market outlook and investment strategy, they will have a better informed approach.

This new direction may cut costs to the day to day running of your investor relations team and therefore help you start to move away from the traditional PDF report.

Let’s discuss how to present your data in a clear format.

We take the position that every firm is unique. HD knows from experience that you will have a certain method of approach.

To discover how we can showcase your data and take you one step ahead of your peers, contact us.

Building intelligent forms which function with conditional logic.