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Direct, point, execute.

User-flow is perhaps the most overlooked element in content design.

Taking time to develop a user-flow for each section of your website can mean the difference between a functional presence and just a showcase.

What is your user-flow? Where would you prefer to guide the user/client, to which action point? What are you asking? Why are they there?

Creating a story line which threads through the whole of your online presence is vital to converting users browsing to interaction. We look at points on page where user-flow elements can be seamlessly integrated not only to enhance the users experience but also to propose action on their part which is a natural progression from a static to a dynamic state.

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HEDGE Digital is a full service network communications agency for the Alternative Investment industry. We combine real industry knowledge with over a decade of digital agency experience.

We deliver unique digital experiences that raise our clients’ profiles, protect their brand and enable them to better connect with their audience.

Providing creative, digital and marketing services for Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Family offices and alternative financial sector.

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