Asset Management Website Design

Factsheets, Investor & user pages, PDF document systems & more.

Update your data available through an easy to use control panel.

Publish documents, charts and company news quickly with a content management system which is orientated to suit your business.

With over a decade of experience we make sure that your asset management website works like clockwork including fund documents, fact sheet data and regulatory information. We make sure your content is showcased in the best possible framework.

Presenting content in a concise and clear-cut environment is what HEDGE Digital does best and we do this by providing a range of tools to make sure your asset data is rendered in the most appropriate manner, whilst breaking down your information, so it is easier to follow by the investor.

Core Functionality Options

With a range of tools at your deposal your in good hands.

Investors Area

A restricted access area for investors to protected information and files.

Chart Data

Display Fund Data through interactive charts on your website.

Document System

Organise files in an easy to use system with multiple categories and permissions.

Content Management

Add, edit and update website page content, complete control.

Form Processing

Simple to complex data request forms with conditional logic.

Tracking & Statistics

Track logins, data usage such as document downloads and more.

Security Tools

Inbuilt CMS firewall as standard. Proactive protection.


Creative is now one of the most important facets in an organisation’s digital presence. We create beautiful platforms to demonstrate your value and alter the way the world sees you.

Website Design
Development & Strategy
Branding & Corporate Identity


Being modular, we can ‘plug’ components for API’s, XML and other feeds, user and group administration, content management, document repository and other functionality you require.

Investor Areas
IR Document Systems
Content Management
Form Processing
Tracking & Statistics
Security Tools


Solutions that can flex and grow with the scope of requirement along with risk management for your website. Keeping all content secure and backed up is of major importance.

Dedicated Editors
Content Updates
Core Website Upgrades
Plugin Upgrades
Extra Functionality
Website Hosting

Our aim is to deliver a single platform which reduces the overall complexity of the system which scales as your online content grows.