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Secure Hosting

Hosting solutions that can flex and grow with your scope of requirement.

Custom server setup based on your individual requirements and digital activities. Each system is backed up daily and continuously monitored to ensure optimal performance.

Your data is stored on a unique or multiple instances. Server location choice based with a unique IP address.

Security of your server and files is crucial.

  • Flexible server space
  • Custom Ram and Cpu
  • Uptime monitor
  • Accessible to internal developers
  • Upgrade of individual components, modules and plugins based on compatibility and security.
  • Firewall monitoring for IP addresses accessing your website.
  • Proactive human and automatic IP blocking based on target URL.

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The Alternative Digital Agency

HEDGE Digital is a full service network communications agency for the Alternative Investment industry. If you have a question please contact us below.

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"We cannot recommend highly enough. They delivered a great website on time and exceeded all of our expectations”

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