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Plugin Updates: Ensuring CMS Compatibility and Enhanced Functionality

Most websites rely on a range of plugins to extend the capabilities of their content management system.

As the number of third-party plugins increases, so does the need for regular updates.

Keeping plugins updated to their latest versions is essential not only for security reasons, but also because updates often come with enhanced features and improved functionality.

Ensuring Seamless Compatibility

Issues can arise when the core CMS rolls out an upgrade and the plugins installed on your site haven't yet updated their code to ensure compatibility with the new CMS version. These glitches can lead to loss of functionality or even website downtime.

Our Meticulous Approach

We take the potential impact of CMS updates on your plugins seriously. Before applying any updates, we conduct a series of checks and tests to confirm that all plugins installed within your CMS are compatible with the new version. This careful approach helps prevent issues that could impact your website's functionality or uptime.

Custom Functionality

In addition to updating existing plugins, we also offer the option to tailor plugin functionality to your specific needs. Whether it's modifying existing plugins or designing custom plugins from scratch, we can provide the extra functionality your website requires.

Keep your website's plugins updated and working harmoniously with your CMS

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