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Plugin Upgrades

Compatibility with your core CMS


Updated Versions

Most website use a range of plugins to extend functionality of the content management system. The more third-party plugins that are installed, the more attention must be made to keep plugins updated to their latest version; not only for security reasons, but because updates generally include improved functionality of the plugin.

Complete Compatibility

Glitches may occur when the base CMS releases an upgrade to the platform and plugins have yet to modify their own code for complete compatibility with the new CMS version.

Attention to Detail

The drawback of updating the core CMS with incompatible plugins will certainly result in loss of functionality and may cause website downtime. We make sure that any plugins installed within the CMS are compatible before updating through a series of version checks and tests.

Extra Functionality

Custom Plugins designed around requirements.

We provide extra functionality modified plugins or custom plugins based on requirement.