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Tracking & Statistics

Research, how your clients use content.


Research, how clients use your content.

We use Analytics as standard but strongly believe that by using more data sources we are able to gain a clearer retrospective of how clients use each page and navigate through information.

The fundamental aspect of this data helps you to decide what content is more useful for your clients and therefore create a proactive approach for future amendments to streamline usability.

Media tracking

Track what documents, audio, video, files have been downloaded, how many times and by whom.

Client login data

Logs of when clients login, what they view, how much time they spend on the site and where they exit.

Session Recording

Using secure third party services, we recommend a recording is made of the user session which then can be reviewed.

Heat maps

Providing a visual representation of where users are clicking on each page, this irons out certain oversights in navigation and where a percentage of users think there are links.