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Tracking & Statistics

Research, how clients use your content.

We use Analytics as standard but strongly believe that by using more data sources we are able to gain a clearer retrospective of how clients use each page and navigate through information.

The fundamental aspect of this data helps you to decide what content is more useful for your clients and therefore create a proactive approach for future amendments to streamline usability. Understanding your audience's interaction with your website is key to optimizing your digital presence.

Usage Analysis

We track what content - be it documents, audio, video, or files - is being downloaded, how frequently, and by whom. This information helps you understand which content resonates most with your audience, guiding your future content creation and marketing strategies.

User Activity Logs

Our services include logging when clients log in, what they view, how much time they spend on your site, and where they exit. These logs provide a granular view of user behavior, helping you identify trends, preferences, and potential areas for improvement.

Session Recordings

By partnering with secure third-party services, we facilitate session recordings, which can be reviewed later. These recordings offer a valuable opportunity to observe user behavior in real-time, providing insights into their browsing habits, difficulties they might encounter, and elements that catch their attention.

Heat Maps

We provide heat maps via a third party service that visually represent where users are clicking on each page. This feature helps identify navigation oversights and areas where users expect links. By understanding where your users' attention is focused, you can optimize your website layout to enhance user experience and conversion rates.


Creative is now one of the most important facets in an organisation’s digital presence. We create beautiful platforms to demonstrate your value and alter the way the world sees you.

Website Design
Development & Strategy
Branding & Corporate Identity


Being modular, we can ‘plug’ components for API’s, XML and other feeds, user and group administration, content management, document repository and other functionality you require.

Investor Areas
IR Document Systems
Content Management
Form Processing
Tracking & Statistics
Security Tools


Solutions that can flex and grow with the scope of requirement along with risk management for your website. Keeping all content secure and backed up is of major importance.

Dedicated Editors
Content Updates
Core Website Upgrades
Plugin Upgrades
Extra Functionality
Website Hosting