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Security Tools

Security goes hand in hand with maintenance and CMS upgrades.


Avoid the PR Disaster!

We take your website security seriously. There can be no worse situation than when a client views your website in a compromised condition. This may harm your future business and your clients own security whilst viewing your content.

We implement certain measures to reduce risk and damage via firewall protection both on your server and website.

Firewall Protection

The system will auto ban offending IP address, Countries and specific attacks. This will protect your content safe from forced access and data corruption.

Elements that safe guard your data Scheduled cleanup Scheduled automatic cleanup of your temporary directory and sessions table.

PHP File Change Scanner Monitor your site for changed or added PHP files and assess their potential for malicious behavior Protect against common file injection attacks Block direct access to PHP files Protection against direct access to PHP files. It can even block access to uploaded hacking scripts, mitigating the attack.

Geographic Blocking Prevent access to your site by specific countries or continents IP black-listing.

Prevent access to your site by specific IP addresses or blocks of IP addresses Administrator IP whitelist Only allow access to your site's administrator section by specific blocks of IP addresses.

Administrator secret URL parameter: You can only view the administrator login page if you append ?secretWord to the URL (the secret word is customisable)

Login E-Mail Notification: Send email on successful or failed administrator login.

Other security measures include: SQLiShield protection Against SQL injection attacks Cross Site Scripting block, (XSSShield) Malicious User Agent block, (MUAShield) CSRF/Anti-spam form protection (CSRFShield), Remote File Inclusion block (RFIShield), Direct File Inclusion shield (DFIShield), Uploads scanner (UploadShield), Auto-ban IPs Auto-ban IPs causing excessive security exceptions (fully customisable)

Proactive monitoring

We can monitor security exceptions and pro-actively check your websites daily work load in order to catch out anomalies before they happen.

Scanned uploads

Any files which are uploaded to your website via your control panel are scanned for security purposes. Full daily backups of your entire data is stored locally and on a secondary server for maximum protection.

Secure hosting

Security of you website also depends on professional hosting. We provide flexible Servers which can grow with your business. Please check our hosting page for more information.