Fund & Asset Data

Data, presentation.

Use Excel and spreadsheet data files to create line graphs, bar charts, pie charts and front-end responsive tables. Easy to use and simple to update.

Data presented in the correct manner is crucial, present your performance, share price and NAV along with key statistics and valuation integrated into your online content.

Sensitive charts can be protected by selected user levels. Custom solutions on request.

Chart generation

Copy and Paste data directly or upload your spreadsheets directly in to the system other options include API data from MorningStar or a third party.

Edit content from editor

You can edit all the table data right from your editor or from a dedicated view, it couldn't be any faster.

Organize your tables

All your tables can be ordered by category, perfectly managing a massive number of tables.

Filter content

A custom filtering tool is available - start typing in a column header and filter your table content like in Excel.

Lines & Columns freezing

On each table you can freeze up to 5 lines and/or columns.

Content ordering

Click on a column title and order your table content in AJAX.

Import/Export data

Import/Export tool is available, handling all Excel formats. Choose raw data or Data + Styles.

Building intelligent forms which function with conditional logic.