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Content management

Organisation of your company's online content can be complex.

We provide solutions on how to manage data in the most effective way according to your requirements.

Operators which add data to your website should then, have a quick and efficient access to an administrators panel via which they may add a range of data be it excel data, pdf documents or text content with the least possible work flow.

Displaying front-end content in the right place is fundamental to success of how your audience gauges your professional ethos and trust.

Creating the right design using the latest technology makes you stand out from the crowd.

Here at HEDGE Digital we use the latest Open Source CMS systems to create websites for our clients, open source development greatly enhances the evolution of the software. Privately coded Content Management Systems are developed in a small teams from which you are bound in to a long contract with the developers. With an open source CMS its different, more flexible and best of all less expensive to start up.

Document management solutions

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HEDGE Digital is a full service network for the Alternative Investment industry. We combine real industry knowledge with over a decade of digital agency experience and this provides us with true understanding of your audience.

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