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Website design for the Alternative Investment industry
Back-end Admin, Full content control, Maintenance updates & Secure hosting.

HD creates & maintains websites for award winning Hedge Funds and Asset Management LLPs.

Build a unique professional environment for your online content.

Our cutting edge solutions will add value while optimising your digital assets to engage clients.

Tool-kit essentials Website Design

Strategy, Design, Build


Strategy, Build, Data Construction


Design, Build, Section Brand

Let's talk about your clients and create a unique approach to how you communicate to them.

We create investment websites that not only inspire brand interest but amplify it.

HD have scoped out the tool-kit essential for running a focused platform with trusted applications.

Trusted Applications

Fund & Asset data

Use Excel and spreadsheet data to graphs, charts and front-end responsive tables. Pull your data via Morningstar or Bloomberg.

Document Systems

Organise your files in a modern online environment, quick and easy to use with categories and tags. Upload and display to a range of user levels.

Client Access

Registration and user access to private information to certain sections of your website. Multiple user levels, including custom user levels for special events.


Tracking & Statistics

Track what documents have been downloaded and how many times. This helps you decide what content is more useful to your clients.

Form Processing

We create forms that work for your business, custom contact and client request forms which can be directly saved to your database.

Content Management

Take control of your website content, update your core pages through any device when you need to via the CMS control panel, we also provide content update plans.


Security Tools

We recommend each CMS has an Inbuilt firewall as standard. This can help protect your content from forced access and ban offending IP address, Countries and specific attacks.

Private Server Hosting

First class hosting for your website, including a unique IP address and daily backups. Running your website over HTTPS encryption will also protect user login details being stolen.

Custom Work

We provide custom work and tweaks to those who need it, not all data is setup in the same way, we recognise this and help provide custom solutions to solve any problem.

Recent Clients

We work closely with our clients to evolve their online presence.

Let's talk about your project to explore how HD can help.


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What they say

CF Partners

"We cannot recommend highly enough. They delivered a great website on time and exceeded all of our expectations”

About HD

HEDGE Digital is a full service network for the Alternative Investment industry. We combine real industry knowledge with over a decade of digital agency experience and this provides us with true understanding of your audience.

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