HEDGE Digital offers something a little different. Choose your own functionality based on your company’s needs.  We maintain your CMS, online services and keep your systems up to date with the latest build version, avoiding your services being compromised.

If you are researching for a unique hedge fund website, alternative business website, private equity website, asset management website that just works, talk to us.

Document Systems

Organise your files in a modern online environment, quick and easy to use with categories and tags. Upload and display to a range of user levels in different sections of your funds and assets. PDF, Video, Sound files, custom file extensions.

Tracking & Statistics

Track what documents have been downloaded and how many times. This helps you decide what content is more useful to your clients. Filter your activity feed to show actions performed within a specific time period for a specific user.

Fund & Asset data

Use Excel and spreadsheet data to create line graphs, bar charts, pie charts and front-end responsive tables. Easy to use and simple to update.

Client Access

Registration and user access to private information to certain sections of your website. Multiple user levels, including custom user levels for special events.

Form Processing

We create forms that work for your business, custom contact and client request forms which can be directly saved to your database for future reference.

CMS Page Content

Take control of your website content, update your core pages through any device when you need to via the CMS control panel, we also provide content update plans.

Security Tools

We recommend each CMS has an Inbuilt firewall as standard. This can help protect your content from forced access and ban offending IP address, Countries and specific attacks automatically.

Private Server Hosting

First class VPS website hosting for your website, including a unique IP address and free daily backups. Running your website over HTTPS encryption will also protect user login details being stolen.

Custom Work

We provide custom work and tweaks to those who need it, not all data is setup in the same way, we recognise this and help provide custom solutions to solve any problem.


We design cutting edge, eye-catching web sites and web applications. Most of our work focuses on building investment and hedge fund websites with incredible refined user experiences for web and mobile applications.
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